• Aromatherapy – An Alternative Medicine

    Aromatherapy – An Alternative Medicine

    Aromatherapy is the use of certain essential oils, as well as aromatics such as plant extracts. The essential oils and aromatics can be diffused in the air, as well as rubbed directly onto the surface of the body and face. Aromatherapy is widely known as an alternative medicine providing patients with better health, and improved mental states. As scientific evidence grows, to back this claim, the popularity continues to explode.

    The theory behind aromatherapy is that such aromatics stimulate the systems of the brain. Signals are powerfully sent to the human lymphatic system, activating the emotional, and memory systems. In turn, the stimulation results in many positive reactions, such as the feeling of well being, relaxation, calmness, and even much needed stimulation.

    Gaining further popularity in the United States, France continues to stand one step ahead. In fact, much of Western Europe incorporates aromatherapy in mainstream medicine. Essential oils are used as an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, antiseptic, and some are even used as an antiviral.

    Amazingly, the use of essential oils from wordpress themes plants and flowers can be dated as far back as thousands of years. It has been known for boosting the immune system, treating insomnia, relieving muscle pain, and flat lining stress. There are a plethora of aromatics from essential oils being used daily around the world, for various outcomes.

    For instance, lavender, peppermint, cedar wood, frankincense, and Grapefruit are all great examples of widely used essential oils. Lavender is known for aiding in stress, regulating sleep issues, alleviating menstrual cramps, and an antiseptic. Peppermint is often times used for alleviating headaches, rejuvenation, and relieving nausea. Cedar wood is known for improving skin issues, while frankincense is used for cell regeneration, healing wounds, and improving mental states. Grapefruit is used as a diuretic.

    It is especially important to do your research on each essential oil, and speak with a reputable doctor or representative before use. Some essential oils need a carrier oil to be applied to the skin, and you may need a particular regimen to attain the results you are looking for.