• Dissecting the Deception behind Ear Candling

    Dissecting the Deception behind Ear Candling

    Have you ever wondered why Biosun is still determined to associate ear candles with the Hopi tribe? Find some time to ponder over this question bearing in mind that the origin of Ear Candling is still obscure hitherto. In fact, the Hopi tribe has dissociated itself from the practice and described it as an abuse to their ancestors’ wisdom. Nevertheless, every ear coning practitioner twists and retells the obvious spiel how the vacuum created by the burning candle draws excess wax and other debris out of your ear canal. Just before you yield to your credulity, the effectiveness and safety of the practice have now been disapproved beyond reasonable doubt.

    Medical research has brought to light that thermal-auricular therapy (TAT) is purely theatrical and dangerous enough to be tagged a “daredevils’ adventure.” Though the proponents will always try to deny it, there are several cases of serious injuries associated with this practice while others go unreported. You risk partial or even permanent deafness that result from a perforated eardrum and other gross complications if the hot wax drips into the ear.

    Those skeptical enough will certainly see that this mundane canard bears no resemblance to the truth: it’s laughable that for the sticky wax to be sucked, then the vacuum must produce pressure powerful enough to puncture the eardrum. Studies have also proved that the so-called vacuum and the resultant negative pressure are never created. In fact, other subsequent surveys have revealed that the subjects are so ignorant to realize that the residue is not ear wax but simply a mixture of candle wax, ashes and soot from the burning wick.

    In case you didn’t know, detailed anatomy finds no direct connection between the ear canal to other structures beyond the eardrum. No wonder the Hopi tribe has dissociated itself from Hopi Ear Candling and described it as an abuse to their ancestors’ wisdom. Many countries, including the U.S., have also illegalized the selling and importation of auricular candles. The claim that the candles comply with the medical device directive 93/42/EEC shouldn’t be strong enough to deceive you. Lest you forget, the ear canal is self-cleaning but if compacted ear wax or other accumulated debris must be removed, then it’s high time you engaged the services of an approved otorhinolaryngologist.