• Aqua Detox

    Aqua Detox

    With all the processed foods and air pollution the body takes in a lot of toxins every day. There is a way for the body to detox. Aqua Detox is a new ways to rebalance the systems of the body and remove all impurities. This product will help a person feel better and even look

  • Reflexology – An Alternative Treatment

    Reflexology – An Alternative Treatment

    The ancient practices of reflexology can be dated back to 4,000 B.C, originating in Egypt and parts of China. Modern reflexology gained a vast array of popularity, as Dr. William Fitzgerald produced the Zone Theory of reflexology. He directly believed that sickness was simply an effect of error between mind and body. Thus, Dr. Fitzgerald

  • Dissecting the Deception behind Ear Candling

    Dissecting the Deception behind Ear Candling

    Have you ever wondered why Biosun is still determined to associate ear candles with the Hopi tribe? Find some time to ponder over this question bearing in mind that the origin of Ear Candling is still obscure hitherto. In fact, the Hopi tribe has dissociated itself from the practice and described it as an abuse